Tips for Making Your Own Iron on T Shirt Transfers

You have probably been on vacation and seen shops producing custom T Shirts on the spot. All you have to do is pick from the menu of designs they have, tell the operator your size and in ten minutes or less, custom shirt made with iron on T Shirt transfers.

It is possible to go one better than this, you can easily make your own unique and genuinely custom T Shirt using the same process as the shop. And there is no need to stop with T Shirts; you can just as easily personalize any fabric item such as your back pack or jacket.

It is possible to buy complete kits that have everything you need except the art, but it is just as easy to buy the paper and shirt and everything should already be available at home. Over and above the transfer paper and shirt or other fabric item, you will need a computer, printer, an iron and a pillow case or any other piece of fabric to do the pressing on.

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A few tips from experience:

When you read the instructions that are included with the transfer paper you will note that the iron should be hot, very hot. They are not kidding here; the manufacturers mean what they say. Cotton is the setting to use.

* Preview: The transfer paper is far from cheap so you want to make sure that the image you want to print is exactly what you want. Make sure you print a preview first on plain bond paper. In this way you can assure that the colors are what you wanted and the image will fit on the transfer.

* The right paper: There is paper for iron on T Shirt transfers that is suitable for laser printers and ink jet printers. The paper is different so make sure you have the correct stock. There is also transfer paper for use on white shirts and other for colored shirts.

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* The right side: The transfer paper has a grid on one side and is plain on the other; make sure you print on the white side, not the grid.

* Hard surface: Don’t use an ironing board, it’s too soft. Use the counter top in the kitchen. Smooth the pillow case and iron it, place your shirt on it, smooth it well before applying the transfer.

Place your image on the shirt and press the hot iron on real hard, hold the iron on the image for about 20 seconds and lift it straight off, do not slide the iron.

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What’s In a T-Shirt?

The T-shirt is possibly the one clothing of item every person owns. It is known for its comfort and now, style. Did people always have T-shirts they could pull from a drawer and wear on a laid back day? Not necessarily.

The T-shirt is said to be a product of evolution. One source says it came from the 19th century’s one-piece union suit, which was a garment worn as underwear. The top was long enough to stick under the waistband of the bottoms. While the union suit was at first a one-piece, it later became a two-piece. From there, those who wore union suits, such as miners, began using the undergarment as an outer garment.

Others say the first T-shirts came into being or maybe just popular during the Spanish American War. During this time they were actually issued to the U.S. Navy. These military issued shirts were crew-necked, short-sleeved and made of white cotton. They were designed to be worn under a uniform. With this, T-shirts became commonplace. It didn’t take long for servicemen to wear their T-shirts as garments, discarding their uniforms on hot days, while working.

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The shirt got its name due to its shape. The shirt was popular because it was comfortable, fit nicely, was easy to clean and best of all was inexpensive. While men wore white, boys could find t-shirts in various colors and patterns.

Due to it being cheap, the T-Shirt was quite popular during the Great Depression. It was the default garment to wear when one was doing chores or working and didn’t want to ruin their good clothes, or wanted a lightweight fabric due to the heat.

By World War II, men, mostly veterans, would wear T-shirts as casual clothing with trousers. After the movie, A Streetcar Named Desire, where Marlon Brando donned a T-shirt, the shirt then became quite fashionable as a stand-alone garment.

The T-shirt mostly remained the same until the 1960s. Pop culture began to influence the shirt with colors and images such as large bright smiley faces. People used T-shirts to express themselves, they could have shirts with comments and phrases on them, or the shirt would display the name of their favorite band or team.

With printing becoming more sophisticated came the evolution of every design possible on the T-shirt. Printing changes occurred as early as 1959 with the invention of plastisol, a durable and stretchable ink. In the 60s the discovery of tie-dyeing became fashionable as did screen-printing.

Newer inks started arriving on the scene including inks that shimmered, puffed, and were metallic. Then came airbrushing, appliqué, embroidery and embossing or ironing on of flock lettering. While one had to go to a specialty T-shirt shop to receive custom printing, it wasn’t long before laser printers were capable of printing transfers one could iron on to their T-shirts. This was then followed by the design and printing of T-shirts done completely online.

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Designer labels such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and The Gap began selling their own designer T-shirts during the 80s and 90s as well. This was followed by independent designers creating unique and classy shirts that celebrities gravitated toward.

Then there were those who just wanted their vintage style of T-shirt, something unique but comfortable – this is where companies like The Original Retro Brand thrived. This company created shirts that replicated sports shirts worn by sportsmen from all over the world while staying with the soft comfort everybody loved.

T-Shirts may not have been around forever, but now that they have been discovered, it is unlikely they will ever go out of style.

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5 Tips for Designing Personalized T-Shirt Designs

As a designer, creating images to use on t-shirts gives you an opportunity to bring out your creativity. There are no limitations to keep in mind like while designing logos and banners designing and to make things better, t-shirt designs look the best if they are big, informal and bright!

Despite bringing out your creative side, sometimes you may face a creative block while trying to cater to your client’s specific t-shirt design. If this is the case, here are some tips to help you fight the block!

1. Be original

With so much competition in t-shirt designs, it’s easy to even unintentionally copy someone else’s concept or ideas. This is best avoided by brainstorming and comparing concepts and ideas to develop something unique and new using a new color palette, theme and composition. While pop culture images like action or cartoon heroes look great on t-shirts, use them only for reference and instead, try to come up with a unique design.

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2. No need for seriousness

While logos and banners are usually serious stuff, it’s the opposite with t-shirt designs. You can unleash the funny and creative side in you and create something interesting and funny for t-shirt. You can add any joke and humor to your design and enjoy yourself in the process!

3. Keep it simple

Yes, t-shirts are big, and you just may get carried away while creating designs as there’s so much of space available to add even the most intricate of designs. While complex designs are impressive, don’t overdo them as its harder for someone to remember too detailed images. Instead, create something simple but original which easily attracts attention and is easily remembered.

4. Use your color palette

This is your chance to use your imagination and creativity to use contrasting but complementing colors for your designs. The only thing you have to bear in mind is that the same design may be used for differently colored t-shirts, so make sure the design looks great on different colors!

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5. Don’t forget to preprint

As you don’t know what size t-shirt your design will finally be used on, it’s important your t-shirt design looks great on any size. So create the design first in its actual size and then in CMYK color profile. If your t-shirt will have some text, it’s better to convert the text to outlines before printing lest it ends up getting automatically replaced by some similar or standard font.

These tips should help overcome your creativity block so that you come up with a unique and attractive t-shirt design!

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Need to Know About Important Facts On T-Shirt Design

A T-shirt design is meant to communicate a message. This can be a standard message about a business, a product, or an event. It can also be an implied message in the form of the personal fashion style of the person wearing the shirt. It is therefore important that you know who to build the various components so that it can effectively communicate the message while at the same time be eye-popping. To get things right it is important you know about the important facts on design. Some of the important facts to know about include


There are numerous popular designs on the market right now. All these designs did not become popular by chance. All these designs have great features that make them appealing to the eye and quite desirable. It is therefore important you understand different forms of design in order for you to be able to great designs of your own.

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Some of the popular types of designs include: Typographic design which is made up of slogans or short messages, Photographic designs which usually carry a photograph, Illustrated Tees, which often may have a combination of images of words or just a hyper-realistic image illustrating something and graphic designs which are quite complex and often combine images, color and sometimes words to pass its message. All these different forms of designs require a lot of careful consideration to produce quality designs. Knowing how each work will help you be in a position to produce better.

Design Theme

Different designs are inspired by different themes. For example some popular designs you see people wearing cover rock music themes while others cover conservation themes. To design a really great you need to understand the theme behind a particular style you are working on. For example, if you are passionate about conservation themes then you will know how to fit various elements of conservation into a given design so that you can pass the right message. However, if you don’t understand the theme then you will more likely struggle with the design and end up producing that lacks in a number of areas as far as the theme itself is concerned.

Target Audience

Not everyone that designs is doing it for his/her own use. If you offer to print online then you will work with different clients who want the different style. It is important that understand the target audience for each design so that you can create a great Model.For example, marketing targets regular consumers and should be different to that meant for a youth group or even a charity event. Understanding the meaning of a design towards the target audience is the only way you have to create some really effective Print.

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Different people are inspired by different things. When it comes to designing you need some form of inspiration for you to produce some real results. Understanding what inspires you will help create a better style as you work following the motivation. Find out what inspires you and work hard at making sure that you keep the inspiration throughout the process.

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6 Tips To Design Your Own T Shirts

If you are a creative person and you are into producing original designs, then we suggest that you design your own T shirts. When someone praise your creative designs, it will be a moment of bliss for you. Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to make your own designs for T shirts. There are a myriad of apps that let you choose from a host of clothing items, font types, stock designs, logos, pictures, clothing colors and so on. All you have to do is get creative. Read on to know our 6 tips for custom T shirt designs.

Text and images

First of all, you need to use the images and text with crisp contrast and clean lines. In other words, people should be able to understand what is written on your shirt from far away. Good designs can be clearly seen from a distance of 20 feet. If they can’t be seen from a distance, they will be useless.

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When creating a design, make sure you opt for the right colors for both the text and the T shirt. The great thing about apps is that they let you match the colors so that you can make the right choice.

It’s a good idea to set the right contrast level or you may not be able to have a great looking shirt. Here it’s important to keep in mind that the cost of printing black text on white shirt is lower, but it is the other way around to print white text on black shirt. So, this point is important from the cost perspective.


Before the printing stage, make sure you know the exact dimension of the designs. In order to do it correctly, all you have to do is put the text on the shirt in the app. This will help you get the right size.


It’s also a good idea to choose the right area to print the image on. Where do you want to print the picture? Do you want it on the back or front? What do you want on the sleeves? Remember: the cost will be higher if you want multiple pictures. So, you should consider your budget when making this choice.


Do you want a background for the image or you want to keep the rest of the area transparent? With the software, you can eliminate the color in the background so the text and image can pop out and look natural.

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Your expectations should be realistic. Color photo printers offer amazing quality, but you can’t expect the same from a garment printer. The sharpness and colors won’t be of excellent quality. Irrespective of the printer you choose, the color saturation and accuracy will be different. So, it’s a good idea to choose brighter colors for the designs.

So, if you want to design your own T shirts, we suggest that you follow the tips given in this article. These tips will make it a lot easier for you to have great looking shirts. Hope this helps.

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4 Useful Steps to Design Your Own T-Shirt

Custom t-shirt design is a fun and enjoyable activity that not only gives the opportunity to create the bespoke clothing range, but also make a little money if you intend to sell the t-shirts. Whether you plan to send the design to a professional printer or print if yourself, you still need to be creative and come up with a design that has the right look and style. Here are a few things to consider in the process of custom t-shirt design:

Purpose of the design

One of the first steps is to carefully consider what the design is going to represent. If planning to make a t-shirt to showcase a personal drawing or illustration, you need to think about what it may look like when printed on the front of a t-shirt. Any illustration should be original and include the right combination of colors. A personal photo can be used. Also, a stock image can be used provided it comes with the legal rights to be used for this particular purpose.

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In the situations where you are attempting to promote a brand, sporting team, band or a company, the best design option is to focus on a logo. A common design for a sports team is either the team’s mascot or colors. Also, for the design that is aimed at a band, the t-shirt can display a graphic that illustrates the band’s sound or style, or simply use a graphic of the band.

Choose a color scheme

A critical part of t-shirt design relates to color contrast. This relates to the way colors appear with the light or dark-colored t-shirt. Many designs often look bright and vibrant on a computer screen, but quite lackluster when printed on the front of a t-shirt. For instance, pastel colors like light pink, light blue or yellow can look fine on a dark t-shirt, but won’t give the desired look on the lighter fabrics. However, an outline for the light colors is a way to avoid this type of issue.

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Add dimension

Use shading to give the design more depth and appeal. Many designs can look quite one-dimensional and flat. This is avoided by using a shade that is a similar color to what you at trying to highlight.

Placement of the design

The placement of the design can have a significant impact on the all-round look and feel of the t-shirt. There are many different placement options, such as the center, as a wraparound, or the top or bottom. The center of the t-shirt is often best for a company logo.

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What Does Your Christian T-Shirt Say About You?

Most generally, people don’t go out and buy a t-shirt that they think is unattractive, says something that they don’t agree with or one they don’t think is ‘cool’. People will buy a specific t-shirt to make a statement, raise awareness or just because they like it. Now whether it is the colors you like or the message the t-shirt says, a lot of people wear clothing that represent them as individuals. I personally where Christian t-shirts because of the message it sends. Now I know there are plenty of people out there that don’t care at all what shirt they wear, which is perfectly fine, I’m just referring to the people that buy a specific t-shirt for a specific reason.

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A believer’s goal it to spread God’s word in as many ways as possible. “And He (Jesus) said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.'” (Mark 16:15 NKJV) We want people to know the Good News of Jesus Christ. As a believer, my one wish would be for everyone who is unbelieving to experience what the truth really is. Now I understand that a Christian t-shirt is not going to make a person a believer, but it is one more opportunity to show people the real meaning of life.

As everyone knows, every choice we make has a consequence. A lot of people view the word “consequence” as a negative word. Most generally you hear the phrase “you will suffer the consequences of your actions,” now that sounds very negative mainly because the word suffer is in there. There are very positive consequences to many situations also. It all comes down to the choices we make. Picture it this way, if you have two drag cars lined up to race and the light turns green, there are many consequences that could happen. The positives may include that you could be the fastest down the track, you could win or you could lose and have nothing go wrong. On the negative side when the light turns green the car could explode, you could lose control or you could end up in the competitors lane colliding with them and killing both you and the other driver.

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When it comes to our spiritual life choices, the same consequences apply. We can choose to do what is right, surrender our lives to Christ and have everlasting life or we can choose to deny Christ and have everlasting torment. To me my life is not worth gambling with. Eternity is eternity and when a person stops and thinks about it, it is almost hard to comprehend because everything in this life has an end. Just think about it; for ever and ever, no end. Which choice would you like to make?

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How Can a T-Shirt Design Tool Benefit Your Apparel Business?

For printing businesses which supply garments for the fashion industry, it is very important to upgrade themselves not only in the area of fashion trends, but also in technology. When you are in the business of printing garments, having an online t-shirt design tool is must. This is because T-shirts never go out of fashion and are worn by people belonging to different age groups.

By providing customized printed t-shirts through the online t-shirt design tool, you can boost your revenues and get better business opportunities. Let us check out different ways in which having an online t-shirt designer beneficial for your business.

Stand Out from Your Competitors

With so many fashion brands and online printing shops mushrooming everyday, it becomes difficult for the online store owners to make their mark amongst others. A t-shirt design tool is a reliable resource as it comes embedded with exclusive features that make your online store appealing for the customers. Having a unique appeal will help you stand out as compared to the conventional fashion garment owners. It will also help you to attract a lot of customers and will direct you towards achieving your business goals.

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Attract Fashion Freaks

Everyone’s sense of fashion is different. And when you are starting fresh, you possibly can’t come up with a new range of attires to please your customers. A t-shirt design tool can prove to be a blessing during such times. It enhances the creative streak of your customers and helps them to design their T-shirts the way they want. If your designer tool works smoothly, you will win the trust of your customers and they are likely to keep coming back to your store. Make sure it has all the features that a superior quality tool should have. By doing so, you will be able to meet the requirements of fashion conscious people.

Offer Unique Features

The best features in a t-shirt design tool are the ones that don’t restrict the customers from creating what they want. If people feel constrained while designing, they will let go off the idea of buying from your store. Any feature-rich t-shirt design software should provide numerous options including the facility of uploading images, using several colours, designs, styles etc. By facilitating with these alternatives, you will be able to provide your customers with ample amount of designing opportunities and promote your business in the best way.

Manage bulk orders easily

Having a t-shirt design tool makes it easy for you to handle bulk orders. As t-shirts are like walking billboards, people holding corporate events and promotional campaigns often ask for several pieces of t-shirts designed using the same logo and slogans. A t-shirt design tool will ensure that there are no discrepancies or variations in the print. Moreover, the process will take place much faster and you will be able to produce what is expected out of you within the given timelines.

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With the above benefits and many more, you are sure to carve a niche in the t-shirt printing business if you integrate a t-shirt design tool with your online store. Some tools can also be purchased on trial basis and you can cancel the deal if you do not like the software. However, it is better to check all the specifications and features of the software before you buy it so that there are no regrets at a later stage. Choose a tool that is compatible with your business and the requirements of your customers.

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Integrate Product Designing Features With Your T-Shirt Store and Grow Your Business

The buyers of today are an entirely different lot than their counterparts a decade or so ago. The earlier generations were not that much choosy and fickle as they certainly did not have the options we do. Take for example, shoppers can buy anything with just a click of mouse and get the products delivered right at their doorstep. Online shopping is prevalent worldwide and buyers, it seems, can’t ask for more, can they? Yes, and they should, as this is the very nature of the market which keeps evolving on the back of pressure from customers and those who seek value.

Now, a buying t-shirt is no longer in vogue as much as designing one. Which means, buyers can now design, customize and personalize apparel as per own requirements. They are backed by the arrival of software developed to enable product designing in an effortless manner. These tools are online in nature and buyers can access them using any device, such as smartphone, tablet or laptop, to design own t-shirt. They come loaded with features helping buyers bring as many changes as possible to the design and get the best product for themselves. This is how they can get value for money.

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More so, buyers are lucky to have software around so that they can choose and insert any color, art, design, features and make the product match their specifications. They are not needed to rely on the available stock at sellers as going ahead and designing own product is a possibility now. These software bring the power of 3D technology so that the task of t-shirt designing is a breeze in true sense. Every angle and corner of the product can be viewed and a 360-degree preview of the product is also a possibility. The designing task is so easy that anyone can do with for sure.

What’s more, buyers can now view products from every imaginable angle and then do changes according to own tastes and specification. Right from adding background to saving design, changing product to inserting art – everything is now a possibility unlike earlier times. The moment these software are integrated with e-commerce websites, customers get the freedom of product designing on own terms. Clearly, businesses should benefit from these innovative tools and give pace to their operations for sure. After all, buyers today are extremely demanding and they want to spend money on products that meet their expectations.

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In overall, your business should look to leverage the potential of feature-rich and advance t-shirt design software to serve customers to the best way possible. This is also a helpful way to grow the base of the business and win the trust and attention of the customers of modern times. After all, the days are gone when buyers could be cajoled into buying anything as they did not have the option to design own products. The scenario is changed now and rather than buying, buyers prefer product designing. So, brace yourself up for challenges and make your business flourish.

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All You Need To Know Important Facts on T-Shirt Printing Online

The t-shirt is now a very popular casual wear with a universal acceptance for both men and women. They are not only classic but stable pieces that you can use to define your fashion style, especially during the warm weather. T-shirts are also a great canvas for you to print and pass your message across. Because of this printing t-shirts is a popular business across the world.

For many people printing t-shirts not only present them with an opportunity to design and create unique clothing but also pass messages and communicate with others. With the art of printing T-shirt evolving and the emergence of online printing, it is important that you know these important facts:

Colors are not 100% Guaranteed

T-shirt printing online makes it possible for customers to choose colors based on the designs they have on their computers for their custom t-shirt designs. This can bring a conflict because colors on your design can, in fact, look different when printed on a real t-shirt. When choosing colors especially some shades of a given pure color it is important to know that during the process the color may change slightly. This is because different materials absorb color differently and this can slightly alter how your t-shirt will appear. There are also a number of other factors during printing that may affect the appearance of colors on your t-shirt. This makes it important that you know that color accuracy cannot be 100% guaranteed.

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Old vs New Printing

There has been a profound change in printing technology over the years. The growth of the internet did give birth to online printing. What has made online print possible is the change in the printing technology? With many people wanting to put their own design and personalize their t-shirts, technology evolved from the traditional silk screen printing which required a lot of preparations and was only viable when bulk printing to the digital and easy to use directly to garment print. Today a given design can be printed on a single t-shirt without a lot of problems.

Today silk screening is great for bulk printing while the new direct to garment printing is cost effective for print a single piece or a couple of pieces. It is important to note that there are major differences between the two technologies. For example, DTG enables for greater detailed prints with unlimited use of colors a fit that silk screen printing may not meet. This can affect the final product.

Inside or Outside Label Printing

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Label printing is an important part of the t-shirt print business. Labels are used on t-shirts to show the size of the piece, the manufacturer, the place it was manufactured, the materials information and the recommended care instructions. The use of inside or outside labels becomes an important factor when considering the colors to use when making the label printing. For example when you are working on lighter color t-shirts then you should not use darker colors to print the inside labels because they are likely to be seen on the outside of the t-shirt.

Printing t-shirts online makes customization of t-shirt designs easy. To get the best out of these you need to know important factors such as the color is 100% guaranteed, how the new and the old printing technologies work and why choose between inside and outside labels for different materials.

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